Kamis, 04 Agustus 2011

Jember University to hold reog festival

Jember, E Java (ANTARA News) - The University of Jember will organize a Reog Festival here on May 21-22, 2011, to preserve traditional culture.

The festival was held every year to accommodate reog lovers in the district of Jember, Diding Cahyono, the chairman of the Sardulo Anurogo Reog Art Students` Assocation (PSRM) said here Friday.

The festival`s theme is "Reog, The Legend of East Java" and aimed at promoting and preserving the Reog traditional culture in East Java Province.

Among the Reog groups to participate in the festival are Reog Singo Muncul from Ambulu sub district, Singo Mudho from Wuluhan sub district, and Bantar Angin from Probolinggo sub district.

Reog ponorogo is one of the traditional dances of Indonesia, precisely in the area of East Java Ponorogo. Reog dance comes from the history and culture Ponorogo found in the book "Chronicle Roxburgh".

Reog dance is also staged full moon nightly in Paseban, Ponorogo Town Square.

Reog told about the struggle for a prince who will propose to a lovely pretty princess .

This dance is staged about 25 - 40 dancers and the musician.

Reog`s main leading figure is called Singo Barong. The dancer of Singo Barong bear the mask about 30 - 40 kg weight and supported by the strength of their teeth.

The other leading figures in Reog include Kelono Sewandono, Bujang Anom, Jatil and Warok.

May 20, 2011

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Mari kita rembug bersama, agar kesenian reog lebih berkwalitas dan berkembang, tetapi jika ngobrol tanpa ada ACTION sama halnya BO'ONG, maka setelah kita ngbrol sambil NGOPI kita TATA gamelan dan langsung kita REOGAN.....